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  • Precision forged GR6 gears 1-6
  • Cluster
  • Main input shaft
  • Output shaft


  • Stronger gears
  • Quiet operating
  • wide gears for strength and durability
  • spline assembled design
  • Reduced friction
  • advanced grinding & heat treatment process technology
  • Design: AutoCAD and SolidWorks software to design tooth profiles.
  • Motorsport grade steel
  • Accurate grade of gear: Gear grinding to reach JIS-B1702 1(JIS-B1702-02 N5)


Billet vs Forged

The new Linney gear set is the only Forged gear set on the market, with other brands being billet cut

Metallurgists agree that a forged piece of steel is stronger than cast or billet. The reason being, when the material is shaped under pressure, its ‘grain’ follows the same shape as the part. As a result, the product manufactured is stronger due to the continuous grain characteristics allowed by the forging process Gears manufactured by precision forging provide mechanical properties superior to those obtained by conventional billet cut technologies, because the micro-structure of the forged parts is preserved intact due to the absence of extensive machining operations. Forging provides added dynamic strength to a gear as opposed to cutting the gear from a solid billet of material, because grain flow aligns in a favourable orientation. Forging process improve mechanical property of material because of great metal flow and fiber orientation into the teeth.

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