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Subaru Impreza Stage 2 Clutch -
Carbon Kevlar (1994 - 2002)

The Clutch stage 2 was designed for
powerful,tuned road cars,but
without all of the drawbacks of a
heavy racing clutch.

*Allows an increase in stock torque
up to 80%.
*Smooth engagement and an extended
life with the Carbon Kevlar
*A high performance pressure plate
to allow for greater power.
*Will allow much more aggressive
driving and gear changes.
*Sports feel,but still suitable for
road use.
*Can handle performance enhancing
engine upgrades.
*Non slipping clutch.

Stage2 features a carbon
kevlar,high performance pressure
plate which offers a smooth
engagement and a extended life
span.The stage 2 offers up to an
80% increase torque capacity over
your stock clutch.

A 500 mile break in is required
with this clutch.


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