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Subaru Impreza Magnetic Sump Drain Plug


Magnetic sump oil drain plugs contain a permanent magnet within the drain plug body.
This magnet attracts and securely retains abrasive ferrous metal particles, preventing their circulation through your engine’s lubrication system.

These abrasive ferrous metallic particles can appear in lubrication systems as a result of:

* Constant flaking effect caused by the normal wear of moving parts.
* Particles not removed by flushing operations after boring or machining.
* Chipping due to sub-surface casting flaws.
* Minute component breakdown caused by high stress usage.

Typically it’s a combination of these factors that accounts for the presence of these particles that cause excessive wear to vital components if present in your lubrication system.
By removing these particles from your engine oil, the magnetic sump plug prevents excessive wear to the your engine’s vital components.

Fits Subaru Impreza – turbo and non-turbo all models.

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