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Front mount intercooler kits are an excellent way of safely increasing BHP. They reduce the engine's inlet temperature creating a denser air charge  entering the engine. This is proven to give more power at the same boost level.
All Intercooler kits are designed to give maximum cooling capacity while allowing for minimal pressure drops.

* Each kit is designed specifically for each model of car and is supplied with everything shown in the picture.
* Bar and plate intercooler 870mm x 235mm x 90mm
* 2.5 Inch inlet and 2.5 Inch outlet.
* High flowing hand made end tanks.
* Fully TIG welded.
* Polished aluminium pipework.
* All necessary clamps and silicone hoses.
* Maximum cooling capacity while allowing for minimal pressure drops.
* 1050cfm @ 0.5 psi drop.
* Capable of handling up to 600BHP.

Fitting pictures supplied.  Kit has extra pipes to allow fitment to the Legacy

Fits Subaru Impreza + Legacy 2008 - 2011 all turbo charged models WRX + STI

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