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R Power Air filters are designed and developed in the UK by world leading induction company Pipercross.

RPower performance air filters are a no-nonsense upgrade for your vehicle with superior airflow to improve performance & gives an aggressive intake sound during acceleration.

Why buy cheap unknown Air filters or Fake branded items when you can purchase a decent air filter for about the same price that has been fitted & tested to ensure the maximum air flow goes to your engine & maximum Air dust particle filtered.

Great for replacing your old and tired induction kit Air filter.

Items comes with three different size Rubber adaptor rings that will fit any piping from 60mm - 80mm ID (internal diameter)

*Please note some vehicles with AFM (Air Flow Meter) on the induction Pipe may need an adaptor plates before it can fitted to the vehicle.)

- High Quality Air Filter
- Improves low down performance
- Great induction sound
- Great filtration on Air Dust particles
- Comes with 3 different Size rubber adapter rings
- Great for replacing your old warn out air filter.

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