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CleanDrive boosts the performance of your vehicle or fleet and reduces costs and harmful emissions – in one.


With CleanDrive, you will:


 Drive better:

• Enhance the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, improve its performance and lifespan and cut maintenance costs

• Flush out gums and resins in the fuel system and carbon and similar deposits from the oxygen sensor/lambda probe and the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).


Drive greener:

• Cut harmful engine emissions by up to 60%*

• Designed to be used in hybrid engines as well as diesel and petrol engines.


Drive for less:

• Save money on fuel and engine wear and maintenance costs by up to 15%.

• Use it only every 3 months because it’s not an additive

• Cut your overall vehicle maintenance costs.


*60% refers to the reduction in Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions as measured by a Crypton Gas Analysis (closed-loop) MOT gas tests on 1300cc, 1600cc, and 2000cc petrol cars.

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