Air Induction
PiperX R Power Air Filter 60-80mm Internal Diameter fitment
R Power Air filters are designed and developed in the UK by world leading induction company Piperc..
Mitsubishi EVO 7 - 8 Front Mount Intercooler Kit
Excl VAT: £249.17 £249.17


Mitsubishi EVO 7 - 8 Front Mount Intercooler Kit Front mount intercooler kits are an excellent w..
Mitsubishi FTO Air Intake Kit
Excl VAT: £41.70 £41.70


Mitsubishi FTO Air Intake Kit A Performace Air Intake Kit is a must have upgrade to gain cheap e..
Subaru Impreza New Age Silicone Turbo Inlet Induction Hose
Blue silicone reinforced turbo inlet hose. Features: * Silicone rubber construction with smo..
Nissan R35 GTR High Flow Large Intake Manifold Plenum
Excl VAT: £995.00 £995.00


New Product - High Flow Intake Manifold for R35 GTR VR38DETT. Larger chambers shaped for direct fl..
Nissan R35 GTR KR 76MM Big Power Intake Kit with High Flow Filters
As used on ALL our GTR Performance buildsIncludes:2x Large High Flow Performance filters (manufactur..
Nissan R35 GTR Larger Suction Pipes
Excl VAT: £300.00 £300.00


Our Suction pipes increased to ~60mm from the stock ~45mm diameter increasing airflow and suction..
Nissan R35 GTR Linney 76mm Intake Kit with Black Pipes
Excl VAT: £300.00 £300.00


Increase response and power with the GTR larger diameter cold air intake No need to worry about m..
Nissan R35 GTR Linney 73mm Throttle Bodies
Excl VAT: £600.00 £600.00


Linney Billet 73mm Throttle Bodies Nissan R35 GTR Linney 73 mm throttle bodies for the R35 Nissa..
Nissan R35 GTR ASNU 12 Injector Manifold Conversion Kit
Excl VAT: £2,400.00 £2,400.00


ASNU have developed an injector conversion kit for the R35 GTR to allow an additional 6 injectors..
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