Skyline R33
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Nissan HICAS Full Eliminator Kit
Excl VAT: £149.99 £149.99


Fits all HICAS equipped Nissans HICAS is Nissan’s active rear wheel steering system. This e..
Nissan Magnetic Sump Plug
Excl VAT: £9.99 £9.99


Our magnetic sump oil drain plugs contain a permanent magnet within the drain plug body. This m..
Nissan S13 S14 S15 R32 R33 R34 Sports Cat
Excl VAT: £250.00 £250.00


Our Nissan Sports Cat replaces the standard restrictive catalytic converter with a single piece f..
Nissan Skyline R32 R33 R34 GTSt GTR Flexible Decat Pipe
Excl VAT: £150.00 £150.00


This decat pipe replaces your restrictive catalytic converter improving gasflow through the pipe,..
PiperX R Power Air Filter 60-80mm Internal Diameter fitment
R Power Air filters are designed and developed in the UK by world leading induction company Piper..
Superforma Coil Packs
Excl VAT: £249.99 £249.99


Genuine Superforma Uprated coilpacks These are highly rated and tested coi..
Knight Racer Carbon Fibre Money Clip FREE SHIPPING
Excl VAT: £10.00 £10.00


100% Real Autoclaved Carbon Fibre in Dry Matte FinishHigh Quality Motorsport grade carbon fibre givi..
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