Our Unique Bodykit Fitment Guarantee

Our FRP bodykits are manufactured in our own UK factory and we test fit everything before the molds are developed. Most of the time, we fabricate our own molds to guarantee fitment*. Something that is difficult to achieve from other retailers/suppliers who get their kits overseas (i.e. China) as when the kits are shipped in containers which could be weeks or even months, so they are prone to warpping, causing fitment issues. Which is why other suppliers/retailers cannot offer this kind of guarantee.

Our HYBRID CARBON range is exclusive to Knight-Racer. This technology is completely brand new and all molds are uniquely re-developed to guarantee 100% perfect fitment*. Unlike regular carbon bonnets or other regular carbon parts you see from other retailers/suppliers.

Still not convinced? Please see some of our Customer Feedback.

* Please see our Terms & Conditions for details.