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Graphene brake pads material are manufactured using high-strength carbon Nano-fiber binders, graphene, non-asbestos organic materials and fine metallic particles to form a medium-hard matrix with high durability, good thermal-conductivity and excellent frictional characteristics.
◆ Super premium formulations ensure quiet, clean braking performance.
◆ Produces a stronger pad with higher density and less resin for quieter, highly reliable braking performance.
◆ Less resin content in positive dry mix formulations results in less fad.

Technical Data:

Friction coefficient value 0.40
Designed for dual purpose aggressive street and light track use. Low noise and dust while offering great initial response, great pedal consistency and high levels of modulation. Targeted for light to medium weight cars and circuits with low to medium top speeds.

Driver feedback- Brandon William’s

“The Graphene R pads feel similar to endless but has more bite all at one time. It will actually hit ABS pretty easy. The endless pads I can only get into the ABS at 85+MPH to 0. These will actually hit it if I’m really hard on the brakes at 55MPH. I like that they are quick and aggressive

Driver feedback- Ernesto Bustamante

“Bed in the new pads and I must say I do like them.  I was able to do some very aggressive braking from about 60-80mph with 1g braking force and I liked how they felt. They do feel better than my endless MX72 pads.

Driver feedback- Alvaro Barreiro

At the moment in the two cars where we have installed them, they do not have any noise and have a good braking power, at RS29 level

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