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* Stock systems can show weaknesses as standard cable type handbrakes wear over time.
* The hydraulic system takes out the weaknesses as in the standard cable type handbrakes.
* The hydraulic system connects onto the brake line that runs to the rear calipers and requires a lot less force to completely lock both rear wheels when needed.
* A hydraulic handbrake is used by drivers to lock up or break loose the rear wheels when they want to Drift the car sideways or spin on the spot.
* Drivers regularly need to turn hard left or right and there's not enough wheel lock to achieve doing so otherwise.
* The hydraulic handbrake is not used to stop the car.
* A hydraulic hand brake can be added into the rear brake line system without changing the original mechanical handbrake setup.

Kit includes:
Handbrake lever and box.
U-shaped clevis pin.
Foam grip.
Does not contain a master cylinder.

Ideal for:

* Nissan Skyline R32 and R33
* Nissan 180SX, 200SX, 300ZX, S13, S14, S15, Silvia
* Mazda RX-7 etc.

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