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Since its launch in 2012 the Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ has been praised by journalists worldwide for its superb handling and classic sports-car feel. With a front-engine, rear-drive configuration and 200bhp on tap the GT86/BRZ also serves as the perfect base for tuning, something Weitec has taken full advantage of!

New for 2013, Weitec Made by KW Automotive is hugely excited to launch a complete handling package for the GT86/BRZ model. Each kit consists of a front and rear sway-bar kit and 25/20mm lowering springs, both of which have been developed as an OEM replacement for quick and easy fitting. Once installed, the Weitec sway-bars increase body stiffness to greatly improve handling while the 25/20mm lowering springs transform the overall look and further enhance the driving experience. 

Technical info: Weitec sway-bars
Sway-bars work by connecting the opposite wheels of a car using a steel torsion spring to increase stiffness and reduce body roll. Weitec’s GT86/BRZ kit measures in at 19mm (front) and 17.5mm (rear) with multiple mounting holes that allow stiffness to be increased by 41% or 76% (front) and 20%, 58% or 133% (rear). Additionally, Weitec anti-sway bars come equipped with spherical bearing links for ease of adjustment and unrestricted movement.

Technical info: Lowering Springs
Weitec Sport Springs are manufactured by KW Germany using high-quality, chrome-silicon steel for maximum quality and longevity. In addition to this, each spring is treated with an epoxide-coating suitable for all driving conditions. Once fitted, the Weitec spring kit will lower your GT86/BRZ by 25mm (front axle) and 20mm (rear axle).

Fits Toyota GT86 & Subaru BRZ all models.

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